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Functional Art Pottery & Thrown Miniatures by Andie Plamondon
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August, 2008: Andie and her husband, Joe Davis, have
purchased property in Salibsury, MD, where they are building
a home studio. When Andie returns to the studio after the birth
of Andie & Joe's newest addition in November, they will
open the studio and offer a full range of classes and
create a new line of unique ware.

The following classes are now complete through 2008, but will
be offered again via the Davis home studio and a new
partnership with a unique arts space currently being
contracted to serve both Wicomico and Worcester Counties.

Andie expects to be offering classes again in January, 2009.

Adult Pottery: Beginning & Intermediate
TIME: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
COST: $185 (includes $20 supply fee)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: An introduction and refresher for beginning
and intermediate potters. Students will learn principles of wedging,
centering and throwing clay; glazing, and firing an electric kiln. The
basic principles of hand building with clay will be covered, including
pinch pots, coil building, and slab building. Students should be prepared
to get very dirty, and should wear smocks and/or old clothes. Students should be prepared to remove any rings or bracelets for throwing clay. Class includes a bisque and glaze firing and all supplies.

3-Day Kid's Clay Camp: The One You've Been Waiting For!
(please choose the one appropriate for your child)
Ages 6-8:
Ages 9-12:
COST: $99 ($99 includes all three days and includes $12 supply fee)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Students get a full intensive clay seminar in
just three busy days! Each student will learn the principles of handbuilding with stoneware clay, and will create either a piggy bank (ages 9-12) or a large bowl (ages 6-8) from scratch. Day one, students will create their basic shapes and get them ready for drying. On day two, students will add their special embellishments. On day three, students will under glaze their finished creations, and then will get a chance to try their hands throwing on the pottery wheel! All of their finished forms will be glazed and fired, and will be ready for pick-up in 1-2 weeks.

One-Day Pottery Class
*Beginners Only!*
TIME: 10-1pm
COST: $45 (includes supply fee)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Always wanted to try the
potter's wheel but aren't sure how to get started?
Come in for a one-day trial! Students will learn the
basics about types of clay and firing, and will get the
chance to try their hand at centering and throwing a
bowl or cup. These pieces will be trimmed wet on the wheel and left for firing.

Preschool Clay Class
DAYS/DATES: Tuesdays, July 8, 15, 22
TIME: 9-10am
*parent must stay & participate!*
COST: $65 (includes $10 supply fee)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Students will create four clay projects in three weeks: working with air-dry clay, they will create gorgeous tree sculptures; from red high-fire stoneware clay they will create coiled pots; from polymer clay they will create beads; and from porcelain clay they will make thrown bowls on the pottery wheel. Parents are required to participate with their children. Stoneware and porcelain pieces will be fired and available for pick up within 1-2 weeks of class time.

Creative (Open) Pottery Studio
*advanced/independent students only*
DAYS/DATES: Wednesdays,
July 9, 16, 23, 30
TIME: 12-3pm
COST: $195 (includes $20 supply fee)
for advanced students or potters who do
not have access to another studio to use the
facility, with guidance. Students may bring
their own cone 6 clay and glazes or use
those available in the studio, or both.
Students will have an instructor on hand to
answer questions and offer advice, but
should be prepared to primarily work
independently. An ideal opportunity for
students who would like the time and
space to work on a specific project.
Cost includes use of the studio for four
three-hour sessions, use of clay and glazes,
if needed, and at least one firing (bisque
or glaze), as time and space permits.


Please email Andie directly.

Andie owns one portable adult-sized wheels and several
portable mini wheels. She is happy to perform
demonstrations and seminars for your civic or
children's group. Demos have been performed for Girl
Scout Troops, at schools, at retail shops, and at festivals
and fairs. Andie is able to supply child-sized, adult-quality
mini wheels for children's demos, and has also worked
with polymer clays to allow students to learn about a
pre-colored clay they can work with at home and bake
in their oven.  Andie works with children from ages 6+.

Andie also teaches private lessons for advanced
students in their homes, and is happy to check on
availability for birthday parties and showers.

If you have a festival, troop meeting, or summer school
class, and would like to schedule a demo or lesson, 
please feel free to email Andie or call 410-546-5805.

For 501(c)(3) non-profits, Andie often donates time and some supplies for simple projects and demos.  For projects that last more than a few hours, Andie usually donates time, but requests supply costs be reimbursed. 501(c)(3) non-profits are welcome to contact Andie about longer demos and multi-day classes, as she is often able to direct them toward granting organizations to help defray costs.

When performing a demonstration or class for a for-profit organization or private club, costs depend upon travel time, number of participants & the project request, and can vary greatly. In general, costs range from $20 - $45 per hour (including supplies).

Demonstrations are available outside of the DelMarVa region in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York. Accommodations and travel costs are additional for full-day demonstrations in these areas.

PRIVATE LESSONS cost $280 ($35/hr; 8 hours total) for four two-hour lessons (usually once a week), and are usually taught in the student's home. Private lessons sometimes include some supplies, but do not include firings. Private firings for advanced students range from $35 for a cone 05 bisque firing to $50 for a cone 6/7 glaze firing per 3.5 cu. ft. of work.