Andie Davis was born in Whitmore Lake, MI. She grew up in New York, Connecticut and Texas, and now resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Since childhood she has been involved in the arts, and performed for many years with the Albano Ballet Company in Hartford, CT. She attended the Dallas High School for the Performing & Visual Arts as a theatre major, and attended the private Interlochen Arts Academy and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Andie's primary interest until college was writing (click here for samples). She began publishing her writing at the age of eight, and now has over 40 publications to her name, including Bust, Pinched Nerves, American Poetry Monthly, Aldebaran and The Brownstone Review. She has also been included in several anthologies, such as the recently released In Our Own Words, Vol. II: A Generation Defining Itself.

Andie graduated with a B.A. in Biology and English Literature from Salisbury State University in Maryland, but chose to follow her minor rather than her major into the field of fine art. She began exhibiting her work in 1999 at Hot Soup Glass Studio in Philadelphia, PA, and has since shown in galleries throughout the East Coast, with great success. In her first year,
Andie was featured in the prestigious Emerging Artists
2000 at the Finer Side Gallery, and was awarded a solo
show by the Worcester County Arts Council. She holds
a Masters in Elementary Education from
Wilmington University, and is a 2009 candidate for a
second Masters degree, in Special Education.

Over the summer of 2008, Andie and her husband,
artist and musician Joe Davis, purchased a new
property in Salisbury, MD, where her new home studio
pottery, Handful of Earth*, is being built. From there,
she will teach classes, offer one-on-one instruction, and
create a new line of ware. In the meantime, she contiues
to teach classes for children & adults throughout
the region.

Andie spends her free time exploring the beaches of
the Eastern Shore with her husband and son, Gideon.
In November, 2008, the Davis family will welcome
a new addition, and Andie will take a maternity leave
from October, 2008, through January, 2009 to
enjoy the arrival of  Marissa Jewel Davis.

Andie Plamondon Davis
Functional Art Pottery & Thrown Miniatures by Andie Plamondon Davis
Handful of Earth
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*(The name Handful of Earth is pulled from the first line of Andie's favorite poem, written by Pablo Neruda. It is #XVI in Neruda's 100 Love Sonnets.)

Andie also handles web design, maintenance, and hosting for Dean Stevenson's Antiques.  In the past she has designed & maintained sites for Poet Laureate Hal Sirowitz, The Clay Guild of the Eastern Shore, Teh Art Institute & Gallery, and  for local artists & galleries.